Base Unit with pendant and FALL protection



  • Automatic Fall Detection
  • 100m alert range
  • Waterproof pendant
  • Choice of neck or wrist attachment
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • 40hr back up battery

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Base unt with pendant alarm and additional FALL protection

  • Works in the home and garden
  • 100m alert range
  • Waterproof pendant
  • Neck and wrist attachment included
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • 40hr back up battery
Our Careline Pendant Alarm comes with a traditional red pendant which connects to our 24/7 Care Team at the press of a button. The pendant is lightweight, waterproof, and can be worn on the wrist or around the neck to suit the user’s preference.

Works in the Home and Garden

The alarm pendant connects to the base unit with a 100m range, giving you access to 24/7 support, whether you’re inside your home or out enjoying the garden.

Smoke Detector Compatible

Our optical smoke detector connects to our Pendant Alarm, triggering an audible warning and sending an automatic alert to our Emergency Care Team if smoke is detected.

How the Careline Pendant Alarm Works

Our personal alarms all connect to our in-house 24/7 Emergency Care Team. Accredited by the TSA, our team are trained to the highest standard providing you with the help you need, when you need it.

1) Trigger your Pendant Alarm by pressing the button on your pendant or alarm base to contact our 24/7 Emergency Care Team.

2) The team will answer your call and speak to you over the alarm base unit.

3) If you are unable to hear the team, or respond, they will inform your nominated emergency contacts. Where medical attention is required, the emergency services will be alerted.

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